Year 7 – English

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The exercises are divided in several different categories, such as: reading comprehension, spelling and vocabulary. These are the most important language skills that children learn in year 7, making this book the perfect one for practising and rehearsing the subjects covered at school.  This book covers:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar: parts of speech
  • Grammar: sentence diagramming
  • Spelling: words
  • Spelling: verbs
  • Vocabulary

In the first part of the book, every category can be practised individually. Thus,the child gets a clear overview of what kind of exercises to expect. In the last part of the book, these categories are combined to get a more realistic insight on what a test might look like.  There are easy and harder exercises in the book, this makes sure that your child will be challenged. Also, this way children can gradually improve their skills. The exercises are based on school tests, so the child get used to this way of asking questions and the prevention of surprises during real tests.  Mister Tutor proves children that learning can be a very enriching and amazing experience at the same time: learning never stops! A child’s ability to learn has a very big influence on his or her future prospects. Our goal is to make sure children enjoy learning and going to school. At home tutoring and homework guidance have an important influence on this. There is so much to be achieve, both in term of time and knowledge, by helping children with  individual practising and mastering. 

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