Reception/Year 1 – Mathematics

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This book contains exercises for mathematics for children in year 1. While writing, we aimed to cover the following learning goals for year 1:

  • Counting until 20
  • Neighbouring numbers until 12
  • Understanding quantity indications (more, less, equally much)
  • Place indications (on top, under or next to)
  • Recognizing shapes (ovals, circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles)
  • Easy addition and subtractions until 12
  • Dividing amounts until 12
  • Recognizing numbers until 12

It is recommended to have a supervisor help the learning child. When things are going well you can gradually give the child more independence. A little guidance is welcome, but do this in moderation. Allow the child to discover things him- or herself as well. Sometimes, the exercises require a drawing, so make sure to keep pencils and crayons at hand. The answers can be found in the back.  The variation between drawing and real math questions creates a fun, but also educational setting. The book is light and easily fits in a school bag! Therefore, you can always take it along with you.  Mister Tutor shows children that learning can be a very enriching and enjoyable experience: learning never stops! A child’s ability to learn has a very big influence on his or her future prospects. Our goal is to make sure children enjoy learning and going to school. At-home tutoring and homework guidance have an enormous influence on this. There is so much to be gained, both in terms of time and knowledge, by helping children with learning individually. 

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