Reception/Year 1 – English

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This exercise book for English is specially made for children in year 1. It consists of two parts. Because students at this age are often unable to check the answers on their own, it is recommended that they do the assignments with a supervisor and check them. Because the book contains a lot of pictures, children are better able to maintain his or her attention and concentration.

This book contains different language exercises for year 1 students. While writing this book, we aimed to cover the following year 1 learning goals:

  • Recognizing letters & words (in words)
  • Writing and stamping letters & words
  • Rhyming
  • Prepositions
  • Recognizing the alphabet
  • Writing your own name

This book contains both easy and harder exercises, this varying difficulty allows children to grow rapidly and make a lot of progress. The way of asking questions is based on common school tests. This way, children get used to this way of asking questions and prevents surprises during real tests. The difficult, but recurring structure in tests is a technique that can be learnt with this book. 

Mister Tutor shows children that learning can be a very enriching and enjoyable experience: learning never stops! A child’s ability to learn has a very big influence on his or her future prospects. Our goal is to make sure children enjoy learning and going to school. At-home tutoring and homework guidance have an enormous influence on this. There is so much to be gained, both in terms of time and knowledge, by helping children with learning individually. 

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